Comic Book Pressing

Comic Pressing & Dry Cleaning Services

Pressing is an affordable way to remove physical defects such as creases, spine rolls, indentations, and severe bends & folds. We also dry clean your book to remove dirt, pencil, and other light stains.

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Comic Book Restoration

Comic Conservation & Restoration Services

Take that comic book from zero to hero! Our affordable comic book restoration includes tape removal, recreation of missing art & pages, color touch, and much more.

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CGC Grading Submission

We can forward to CGC, with your account. We also can use our account with CGC and submit for you on your behalf.

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Your Comic Book Restoration, Conservation, and Pressing Experts.

Our pressing and comic book restoration services can take your most important and valuable comic investments to the next level. Make your comic grow in value, increase in eye appeal, and most importantly preserve them for the future. We can also protect your investments with safe conservation services.

As both a CGC & CBCS Authorized Dealer, we offer efficient submitting services. Be it for a simple dry cleaning and pressing, or a full complete restoration you will get the best savings if you decide to submit to either grading company afterwards.

Hero Restoration is a full service company. To provide the best service and turnaround times, we have a full staff working hard to get you your increase in value.

Meet the Hero Restoration Team

Meet Mike, THE comic book restoration & Pressing expert!

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