How to pay for HRC services

Cards we accept are Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. Once we receive and verify your submission, you will receive an invoice link to pay.

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I’m new to pressing and submitting for grading, what is the process, and what do I have to do?

Hero Restoration is designed for every client, from the old time collector of raw books, to the other end with volume dealers.

For clients new to the process we make it super simple to get the best grade, and with the least involvement on your part. We are able to use our dealer account, , and take care of their paper work. Your involvement is to simply fill out our form, package and ship your books, and wait for our received notification. Don’t know all the answers to the questions on our form? No worries, leave those blank, and we will select the most cost effective option. Need help with packaging? We have help video.

Once we receive your collectibles, we will send you an email, and likely include a total for our services. With regards to the grading company fees, typical they are paid direct from client to grading company via debit/credit card, provided on submission form after printing.

We will notify you when your books are done, and off to next destination. If going to grading company, that company will ship directly to client after completion of their services.

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How can I learn to grade my own comics?

This is a work in progress question. A good place to start is this link, which is a helpful grading tool. While the grade is somewhat accurate, the real benefit is teaching you what to look for, and how it can impact the grade. That link is: “The Original E-Bigs grading System”

Then the other useful tool is the latest Overstreet Grading Guide. The illustrations are terrific!

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What does it cost to press and grade a book?

This would seem a straight forward question, but there are multiple factors that determine the cost.
To calculate your pressing fee, click here.
To calculate the grading fee, click here.
Shipping cost will vary depending on quantity, $26 for 1st item, $1 for each additional item.t (see restrictions on submission form). CGC is about $35 to start, CBCS is not much different. It is best to have a minimum of 5 books for each grading tier to save on shipping.

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Can Hero Restoration send my comic books to CGC when ready?

Yes, and we can send them under your account with provided forms, our you can have them submitted under our account. The disadvantage of using our account is you will be unable to track progress, or shipping.

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Do I have to be a CGC member to have my books graded?

No, we can submit under our account on your behalf, and have CGC ship to you.

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Does Hero Restoration have insurance?

Of course, we are insured through Collectible Insurance Services. Your comics are covered while they are here, and in transit to their destination. Upon request, we can provide a rider for high valued books that will be in our possession. Because we take great pride in the protection of your books, we have not had one incident providing services since opening to the public in 2011.

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Should I insure my package when sending to Hero Restoration?

You should insure your books for transit to Hero Restoration. We recommend not using the shipping carrier, but rather specialty insurance such as Collectible Insurance Services, or Sure. Inc. The providers cover both stored and shipped, and the rates are so cheap, that a years worth of coverage is the cost of insuring 2 average valued packages through the shipping carrier.

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How should I ship my comics?

We prefer to receive USPS signature required. Best choice is express, it’s fast, and if insurance is through USPS, the insurance is cheaper. Registered mail cost less, and is very secure, but very slow. PO quotes on deliver date will be incorrect. Many of our clients ship priority without incident, best recommendation is to upscale based on value, and delivery expectations.

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How should I value my books?

Long story short, you should value them for what you would want to sell it for, or be compensated by insurance. Undervaluing your books can result in change of both HRC and CGC tier, per CGC’s new strict policy.

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How should I package my comics books?

Watch our shipping video, which explains the best way to package your comic books to ship to us.

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