The Hero Experience

Hero Restoration is a full service company. To provide the best service and turnaround times in the industry, we’ve employed an amazing staff who are working hard to get your increase in value.

Hero Restoration's founder Mike

Mike DeChellis

CEO & Sole Member LLC

An entrepreneur, and jack of all trades, Mike’s passion for comics lead him to learn paper conservation, and provide that to the comic community. His restoration and entrepreneur experience dates all the way back to when Mike was 13, restoring and selling bicycles in the local newspaper. Mike is fully educated in paper conservation, specifically in depth knowledge of comic paper, and how it has changed over the last 90 years.  Mike’s primary functions at HR are restoration, pressing, and R&D. Oh, and manages the West Coast Headquarters. He’s hard to reach, but worth the wait.

Jaclyn Kearney

Chief Executive Officer

Jaclyn has over 20 years of experience answering the Bat-Phone & responding to the Bat-Signal! She started her career in business management/business administration back in 2002. After more than a decade in Texas, Jaclyn moved back to Long Island, NY where she became a supervisor working for the State of NY/Dept. Of Health during the pandemic. She was part of the team responsible for setting up the largest vaccination PODs in New York. Once her job was done, she hung up her dirty old cape and grabbed a spiffy new one on her way to HRC. Jaclyn oversees and manages all operations of our East Coast operation while living her dream of hiking through the mountains in her spare time.

Sophie Mae Vee

Master Color Touch Artist

A natural, and experienced from a young age, Sophie mastered the art of color match very early on, helping her father repair Merry Go Round Horses back to their original glory. She adapted to the need of Hero Restoration’s standard of work, and has been producing amazing results! Like all artist, she follows her passions. Sophie is an independent, and has projects going in Cinema, commissioned art, Jewelry, Modeling, and the list goes on. We are lucky to get her attention these days with all of that going on, but when she works on a cover, it’s like magic recreation.

Andrew Bellacera

Conservation Technician

Andrew joins us from up north and his love for all things sci-fi and fantasy have solidly kept him in the comic book realm for decades. Joining us with a background in Anthropology & Paleontology, coupled with years of customer service & client satisfaction, he continues to be an excellent addition to the Hero Team. Let his love and appreciation of the past and the preservation of its relics be to your benefit!

Barry Johnson

Conservation Technician

Barry Loves to dry clean books, and makes sure your books are looking as spiffy as possible. When not busy dry cleaning, Barry is performing 1st press.

Joseph Konopinski

Conservation Technician

Joe’s aspiration for collecting comics has led him down a path of having a key eye for cleaning books. He started cleaning for local comic book shops where he developed his knowledge, skills and techniques that he brings to the team. Joe’s number one goal is to treat your comics with the same passion and detail as he would his own.